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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Numba 1!

Oh, how to begin?

My mom put a bug in my ear roughly two weeks ago about blogging. Two weeks later at 2:30 AM I have decided to start.

I should be sleeping, I look terrbile and tomorrow I am getting up early to go to O2, and then HOLIDAY BAKING with my mom. You have no idea how excited this makes me. I love cooking and baking and such. :D My mom has been uber busy baking all week without me because I have been working and had appointments.

Already, our kitchen counter is filled with baskets and cookie jars and platters galore. She made Neiman Marcus cookies, German Butter Cookies (which loook much better than they actually taste as they are not sugar cookies but buttter and they are European which tends to be much more bland than how we americans prefer) and homemade caramel which is de-freaking-licious.

Well I'm on the phone with my boyfriend.... and he can hear me typing and wants my undivided attention... jealous much? haha.. no, he's sweet and I love him!!