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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Resolutions. STAT

I have a goal. I have a dream. I want to be that girl who blogs and has an ultra clean room. You know, the one who writes her paper a week ahead of time, and has her Physiology (or whatever major she may be) vocab on flashcards, from the beginning of the year. The girl who is a mini Martha Stewart. Who makes treats for her boyfriend and presents these treats in beautiful wrappings and boxes (oh my!). She's crafty, organized, full of energy and wide awake all of the time. She never sleeps in and even after a night out she looks beyond put together. She also blogs no less than once a week, unless she's on a fabulous vacation. She is also fabulous, does fabulous things, and gets regular spa treatments and her nails and toenails always look great. Well good people of blogdom THIS GIRL WILL BE ME.

-I am going to go to bed early (11:00) every night unless I am doing something worthwhile. Worthwhile does not include google-ing wedding planners, venues, flowers, cakes or dresses. Nor does it include surfing the internet for my Formal dress, spring break attire, shoes, recipes, puppies or baby names. I  vow that the incredibly "important" and time-consuming construction of my fantasy life must happen in between the hours of 2 and 10 and will have to come after homework... this is going to be hard. haha.

-Every Tuesday and Thursday I will go to 8:00 AM Yoga. (Tuesday is more important though because there is a 4:00 PM yoga on Thursday).

-I am doing the Master Cleanse beginning Sunday. I will document it throughout... I am also cleansing my life. Meaning I am not only cleaning my room but am getting rid of all of the clutter I don't need.

-I am going to take tons more pictures. I am also going to be that girl who scrapbooks. My new life starting NOW is going to be fabulous so this fabulousness must be archived for the world to see! ;)

-I will be more crafty. I will do sweet things for friends and the BF. Making treats and wrapping them beautifully. I will make happy Birthday banners. I am going to practice sewing with my mom. And that's all I can think of right now! haha!

-I will practice, practice, practice painting my nails and braiding my hair (really styling my hair other than curly... my hair has lost a lot of its curl. More on that sad story another day).

-I also want to do more outside activities. (I know that sounds lame I don't know what else to call it). I want to bike a lot, and go hiking. I want to ski, surf and go white water rafting. I also want to know more about wine. (Sorry mom, but I'm 21 now.... so I am allowed to say it!). These fit together because all of this is in preparation of trips I want to do. I want to hike the Appalachian trail, the red rocks in Arizona and in Northern Scotland, raft down major rapids, and bike through France and Belgium. I also want to go to Napa, France and Chianti to taste wine.

-I am going to pray more, attend church at least every other Sunday, make the boyfriend attend with me, write in my diary more and blog more.

I solemnly swear to do all of the above in order to become the yoga doing, uber organized, Lilly-wearing-WASPy-mini-Martha with a Southern/Paula Deen twist. I may even change my Blog to just that.

"Yoga-doing, uber-organized, Lilly-wearing-WASPy-mini- Martha- with a Southern/Paula Deen Twist"

"The Lilly-wearing-Yogi"

"The Southern, Lilly wearing WASP who loves yoga"

"Nothing Could be Finer than a yoga-doing, Martha and Paula aspiring,  Carolina girl wearing Lillllllly"
^ if you have heard the "Nothing Could be Finer than to be in Carolina in the Morning" Song please sing the Lilly part in your head as you would morning.

Those all have a fabulous ring to them don't you think. Maybe my blog should just be "Southern, Preppy and Fabulous" who knows. Or maybe it should just be "This Chick is Crazy". ha!

Peace, love and Fabulousness from my blog to yours,
-Brittany aka Paula/Martha