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Thursday, April 15, 2010



I have been going going going since my last post, and now that I just had a test yesterday (in Physiology... bleck), errr (screeching brakes) it's all stopped. I have absolutely NOTHING to do. And let me tell you, it is GLORIOUS! On Saturday my mama and I will be shopping. And then Sunday I get to lead a rush practice! All by myself, I am so excited.

I don't know if I have mentioned this, but I am the Assistant Rush Chair at Alpha Chi for Recruitment 2010 and it is so beyond exciting! I love rush and I really think I was made for this job. I like the dances, the practices, how our napkins match the gummy bears that match the flowers that matches our outfits, whose colors were picked to complement the Kitchen! It is love! Not to mention as a rush chair, me and my "boss" get to have our own outfits, separate from what everyone else will be wearing! I've already bought one dress for round 2, its Lily and it is gorgeous! I guess I'll give the breakdown of rush: 4 rounds, as you go on less girls come through and the conversations become more deep ("where are your from" to "What do you want from a sorority"), and it is the only way you can keep a sorority breathing, b/c you need members! It is so much fun! I'll give you the basics about our rush:

Round 1) Our theme is "A Perfect Match," it's very sporty because our theme is tennis. I like this theme so much because when I went through rush a lot of sororities did a nautical/beachy/fishing type theme (which is great!) So Alpha Chi really stood out to me! We do a bright, candy apple red and sunflower yellow. To complement our kitchen which is yellow w/ black and white tiles! And the girls wear these sporty outfits!

Here is our Kitchen! It is not a great picture, but you see the yellow, black and white tiles and red!!

I get to wear red (my boss has purchased a yellow dress). I really want to wear a Red high waisted skirt, with a white shirt tucked in and some type of yellow belt. I know it's very specfic, but I have a dream and hopefully I'll find something wonderful this summer! Any ideas of where I should look?

For Round 2) Game Day! We wear Carolina blue and white! Do our skit (which is hilarious)! Here is the Lilly Dress I bought for it!!

it comes w/ a Sash, and I think I'll have one made that has Golden Lyres or AXO on it or something (Lyre is our symbol)! And I have these Michael Kors wedges that are offwhite, which I'll probably wear with this!

Third Round) House Tours, we have delicious food (some of which I will be making!) and we have a vineyard vines/nautical theme! I get to find a dress that is pink and Navy!! I have fallen in love with a Tory Burch dress, but I have to see it to make sure it is the right color exactly. And I want to get Jack Roger Full Wedges!

The Fourth Round is very formal and we wear black cocktail dresses!

I am on the hunt this summer so if you have any suggestions about outfits please let me know!!

If anyone is in a sorority, do you like rush? What kind of themes do ya'll do?

love love