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Monday, March 29, 2010

March adventures and festivities

Hello All!
Sorry about the long hiatus in postings, my schedule has been super crazy!

 What's been happening:

1) My computer had the biggest virus right before Spring Break. It happened while I was writing this huge midterm paper(s), it had three prompts. It would continuously crash during all night, so I kept losing work and so my grade slowly went downhill as the different papers go on.. haha! Mainly because I had to keep rewriting my last response. It only gets better. I take most of my notes on my computer and so when I opened my computer in class the next day it wouldn't let me open a thing, but naked women kept popping up all over. I squealed and shut my computer really quick. And then took my computer to get fixed promptly after class.

2) Spring break. I went home for spring break, mainly because my parents told me not to make plans this year with all that happened. And because I didn't really want to go to Panama City... sorry. Maybe I'm a little stuck up but that kind of scene just doesn't sound like my thing. And it's not even that warm!! Next year I am going somewhere HOT and I'm spending more than $230 (a/b what my bf paid in PCB, apparently the place they stayed wasn't very nice, wonder why)... maybe I'll go on a cruise or to Jost Van Dyke! :D Anyways, I went shopping with my mom, went to the gym everyday and spent a night at my Papa's. That was really nice, and you could tell that he was very happy that we were there. And that's about it.

3) After Spring Break- I get back and totally forgot that I had a 10 page paper due on Friday... on a book I hadn't read.... so the shamrock sunglasses and light-up leprachaun necklace were never used at my St. Patty's day mixer with the RUGBY TEAM, because I was reading that book! I was really sad to miss it, but I made it up the next week because it was formal week :D!

Parents cocktail: well, we didn't go. the BF was still out of town so I didn't want to go without a date. So my parents, and my littlest sister and I went out to dinner. Dinner was really good. Its a place called Spice Street and it is a fusion restaurant that has Mediterranean, Asian and European styled food. Both my parents had fish, I had duck and my sister had chicken kabobs. Also to go with the very eclectic and ethnic atmosphere of the restaurant they had a belly dancer dance around the tables. It was really cool to watch! If I don't get into Nursing school (oh wait, I didn't... so the second time around) I have found my calling!

My sorority has a preformal the night before formal, which is a Thursday. This years preformal was so much fun! I loved the venue, the bf came along (and the bf and I make a great dancing team) and I wore this black and cream colored BCBG dress that I bought over the summer and had yet to wear with my new Michael Kors cream-colored wedges. I really liked my outfit. When I buy pictures off the photospecialties website, I'll remember to post them/ when I find a picture I like... I wasn't photographing too well that night-- I won't be sending those pictures to Tyra. To continue the night was probably one of the most fun I've had in a VERY long time, and Lord knows how much I've needed a fun night! We got there at 11:30 (we usually don't show up at events until 12, but this place has food out on the bar that is gone in point five seconds) and didn't leave until after 2, they had to tell us it was over... "but the DJ is still playing!!" Speaking of DJs, he was really good, he played Shout-- which I normally hate with a passion, but given the good time I was having it was probably the best choice the DJ could have made, and he played gangsta rap. It was all around a great time!

Formal on the other hand:
The BF let me know that he couldn't make it to Formal (which is on a Friday) the Sunday of. He had known for awhile, and insists he had told me. NO. He told me that he had a Rugby game for the playoffs (which are HUGE-- think the March Madness of Rugby) the Sat. after formal. I said "no worries, I'll drive you where ever you need to go... that way you can get sleep if we have to leave really early." He said, Ok, we'd have to leave pretty early though.... in NO WAY did he mention we'd have to leave so early as to make a 1:00 game that was 9 hours away in Murpheysboro, TN against Ole Miss. Like Art (my dad) was going to let me drive that far, he (the BF) knew that. Yet he did not once mention that to me. I think he assumed I was going to make him go to formal, which I wouldn't do, his team needs him. So I was scrambling all last week to find a date. Which I found,and he had a tux so it worked out. The BF felt really bad about missing, but he was happy I was able to find a date.
The date:
He was a friend of a friend, who I had never met before. He was nice. A pretty good date, he bought me drinks and stuff, but.......... he danced like a crazy person. I mean, I like, no, LOVE to dance. And I am a very high energy dancer and love the attention I get while dancing... but homeboy got all the wrong sorts of attention. He would do this weird shimmy shimmy thing that was totally offbeat and then would jerk spin me and then out of no where dip me. He was so forceful in this dipping that I now, on Monday, still have a hurt/sore back. To make matters worse, people totally noticed. My roommate kept looking at me and laughing because I would make this like bewildered- what is going on!- face. And after the formal the band members came up and were talking to me saying they could tell that I could dance, but my date.. ha! And at the end he kept like highfiving me and saying "me and Brittany were breaking it down" or something.... I mean, we broke something... like my back. haha!.... don't get me wrong though he was still a nice guy.

Well, that is all for now! I need to go make dinner!

love love