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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New baby sister (and brother keep your fingers crossed!!)

My parents have finally caved! We are getting a puppy!!!

After our sweet Cleo (Cleopatra Denile Odom!-- I picked out the name!!) passed away in January my heartbroken family said "no more dogs" but there are just some hurts that can only be filled with love... in the form of a new puppy or DOS!! We are getting a golden-doodle. It is a mix between a poodle and a golden retriever! We are getting a girl, we will probably name her Finley. (which I picked out!!!) ... I like Flossy though, from Fergie's song glamorous "the flossy flossy..." haha I thought we could put some ice on her collar!! But Finley is OK too, I'll just call her Flossy on my own!
Here she is!!!

isn't she just precious?

we may get a boy as well. Which my sisters and I are really pulling for, and my Daddy want two also! We would name him AJ- Arthur Junior (after Dadalous) or Charlie (again after Dadalous)!

here he is:  adorable, yes?

Well, keep your fingers crossed!!!

I have to go study for my Physiology test on Friday! Pray for an A!!! :)

Love Love!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I just got back from Fayetteville last night. My mama and I had been there since Wednesday evening. To fill you in on the goings on:
In September my grandma was diagnosed for the third time with breast cancer-- however, this time the cancer has metastasized. It has completely taken over her body-- it's in her lungs, blood, abdominal organs and brain. She has lost about 40 pounds. These past few months have been the most difficult times I can ever remember enduring.(Also, in November my grandmother on my Dad's side passed away)...
My family and myself are truly blessed to have the grandma that we were given. I have never once hated going to Fayetteville to visit my grandparents. Every year my sisters and I have spent at least a week at my grandma's. My grandma came over at least twice a month throughout the year and was always there for soccer championships, big dances and came to move me in to my apartment this year. I believe that I have the best grandma that anyone could ever hope to have.
Now she is in the hospital- she has an infection in her blood (Pseudomonas), causing her to be septic. This happened a week ago. From Sunday until Friday, they kept pumping my grandma with fluids and antibiotics and pain medication. But the whole time she was aware, scared and panicky. If she wasn't given pain medication every two hours she was super agitated, angry, moaning and in pain. Her body doesn't have the abilitiy to fight her infection, and the chemo she had been received was doing more harm than good (the infection) so tired of her pain and suffereing we decided (we meaning my papa, mama and uncle) that it would be best to put her strictly on comfort care. No more vitals being checked, no more poking and prodding and more medicine. Now we are all waiting, just waiting for her to pass away. With every breath you can her the fluid filling her lungs.
The idea of my grandma really being gone, is crazy to me. She's only 70, and I had expected her to be around for at least 15 more years. She was very healthy. I just had always expected her to be with me when I got married, helping me pick out my wedding dress, etc. But the Lord has other plans for my beautiful Grandma and lucky her she'll be in heaven very soon, celebrating with Him before any of us. I'm just happy that I was able to be with my Grandma in her final moments and able to tell her how much I love her, and hear her tell me the same.
But now I have to get to more homework so when events finally happen, I won't be behind in school. Here's hoping for a year where I can have happy posts! Because I am so tired of sadness right now.

Love Love