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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

yucky day

today was so gross. I lost my umbrella :(.... and was soaked by the time I got to my 9 o'clock. So sad.
and I am SOOO unbelievably tired. It's because I get absolutely no sleep. It's pathetic that the reason I get no sleep is not because I'm a badass and go out all the time. It's because when I decide to stop studying and get ready for bed I'll get lost looking up Hermes and Burberry scarves, Tory Burch flats, Hunter rainboots and Milly (ie?) dresses on Ebay and Endless and w/e other website... I do this for hours!!!
OR- another reason I get so little sleep is because of the girls on my hall. I swear they play hide and seek.
you'll hear a door slam, the "stomp-stomp-stomp" of someone running and then you'll hear like 2 or 3 girls squeal! everynight. Really? Really? What is there to squeal about this far into college, every single night?! also, these same girls, I swear, do nothing (homework wise). They either
a) are genius (not likely)
b) are taking incredibly easy classes (AFAM anyone?)
C) have terrible GPA's (probably)
D) are really attending DurhamTech or w/e... I don't know.

Really though, they are either drunk and playing music really loud while getting ready or are playing hide and seek the nights they don't go out.. but either way they drive me crazzyy!!

speaking of homework. I have a lab report and a paper to do, that are due tomorrow. EW! And I'm trying to do everything I can NOT to work on them now... because I just plain do not want to. Though I should my roommate is at the basketball game, as are the hide and seekers on my hall (it is SO quiet) if I was a smart girl I'd get to work and then go to bed early.

we'll see how that goes!

Mr. Happiness got a haircut!