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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Brittany is a nursing student!

Hello all I am back!

So many updates so little time! Let's just start with the most important, I got into the Nursing School! Finally, I can start my true path to what I want to do in life. Seriously, love my school, but there were so many unnecessary classes I have taken/ am taking right this second (shoot me) that are really nothing more than a big ole' waste of my time. But now this summer I get to start taking classes that I will need in life and am completely interested in, and only those classes. Albeit, these classes are going to kick my butt-- but I get to enjoy the butt-kicking... if that makes sense.  Really though, I am so ecstatic that I am in, I literally started crying when I opened my letter of accpetance :D. I'm kind of a weenie, I cry a lot. But this is huge!

Spring Break happened! I went on a cruise to Nassau, Free Port and Key West with some friends and my Boyfriend! It was really fun. There were tons of college students, I feel really bad for all of the families and the older couples that happened to unwittingly book an affordable cruise in March full of spring breakers! And the cruise really had no idea that there were going to be so many of us! They had a 24 hour pizzeria, and on the first night at 4 AM when the flood of coeds rushed to the only place that served food all night, and once the Electronique Discoteque (the nightclub) closed the poor pizza chef was way overwhelmed. The line was out the door and he kept coming out one 10 inch pizza at a time!

During the trip the BFs and my relationship trip really grew. I think our biggest issue was this one night when my feet were killiing me and he kept dragging me out on the dance floor. I have actually found a guy who likes to dance as much as I do. (We actually choose places to go out by whether there is goood dancing or not!).

My sorority also had our formal. It was so much fun! I wore the most fabulous Lilly Dress. I'm going to post picture this weekend, as soon as I get a new card reader.

Until then,