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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Exam Woes

Yikes! Exams have already crept up on me. I have my first exam tomorrow morning at 8 A.M. And I can name 20 things I really want to do other than studying.

1) Getting rid of all of sweaters.*not forever, just until it gets cold again*

I have slowly been switching out my winter/summer clothes from my shoebox of a closet. inside my broom closet of a bedroom (ah the price of trendy living). And now I want all of the rest of the sweaters O-U-T out!

2) Watching funny babies on Youtube. 

... I wonder what they are talking about!?

3)Watching the Royal Wedding. 
Unfortunately, the Royal Wedding was not a factor in the University's planning of the exam schedule. However at the rate my studying is going I might just get lucky and be able to watch the event because this may be an allnighter!

4) Spending thirty minutes trying to upload all of my most-recent pictures to find out that my "picture uploading thingamajig" is broken. Fabulous.

5) Looking at one of the most amazing wedding pictures from:
 Please, look at the Indian wedding pictures. The colors are just amazing! I have seen a lot of wedding shows that feature an Indian wedding and I have never seen a pink and green color scheme done with one. I thought it was just fabulous!

6) Looking at more weeding pictures from this website:
If you are anything like me, you love love love weddings. You need to get acquainted with the "green wedding shoes." All of the weddings are absolutely "to Di" (haha get it!).

7) Wondering where I could find myself a Scottish man that has a family Tartan and wears a kilt. Seriously, I love kilts as formal-wear. This girl I knew was dating a Scot who was very attractive and he wore a kilt to her formal. I thought it was the most dashing thing ever. Not to mention his accent gave me goosebumps haha!

8) Dying, literally dying over the Claire Pettibone Couture Bridal gowns.

9) Dying once again because she has many dresses that are under 5,000!

10) Planning my wedding (Ok. I know I have wedding fever). No, I am not engaged. haha!

11) Looking up picutres of bulldogs. The BF's nextdoor neighbor now has a French bulldog puppy named Winston! I love a dog with wrinkles!!

12) Dancing around to the Ellie Goulding song Lights, but the Bassnectar Remix. (It's better, I think!).

13) And to the new T-Pain/ ChrisBrown (UGH, I HATE HATE HATE that he is singing this song... I have a hard time supporting an abuser.... but at the same time this is such a good song. ) song: Best Love Song

15) Repainting my toe nails. I recently had a very sparkly polish on, which I love! But it takes some serious elbow grease to even get the polish off. This time I am going with Cajun Shrimp by OPI!

No, those are not my fingers! Broken uploader remember?!

16) Playing with my new lotions and potions. That's what I call my face creams and masks. I just recently bought:  


I don't know if I will like these, but I thought I would give them a try.

17) Wrapping my roommates birthday present! She turns the big 2-1 tomorrow, or should I say in 50 minutes! I bought her these really cute fleur de lis stud earrings and a plain white coffee mug that comes with these ransom note lookings letters that she can put on herself to write funny messages. (She drinks a ton of coffee).

18) Blogging of course!

Well, I guess I really should go and give this thing called studying a second try. Artemis Jones (a term of endearment for my good ole pops! He goes by Art, and our last name is not Jones... I just said it once and now its stuck... he doesn't get it, and much prefers it when I call him Dad or Daddy. Which I normally do, I only call him Artemis Jones when I  am either talking about him, or being silly!) will not be happy to learn I didn't do well on a final exam because "I just didn't feel like studying," ha!

Peace, love and Fabulousness,

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  1. oh bother! none of my pictures worked. I will fix this tomorrow, after my exam.