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Saturday, January 17, 2009


What a week!

I returned to school Sunday night around 6:00. I should have gotten their a good five hours earlier however what I had left to do Sunday morning took much longer than expected, as usual. But its ok! I went to McCallisters with friends and spent the rest of the night watching Carrie as I unpacked. (I would have watched the UNC WFU game... but I get the ghetto cable with about 13 channels, two of which are Spanish and another is nonstop news... D: so mean girls and red corn syrup it was).

And then I was alone. Spring rush had started so everyone went out. And I kept unpacking all of the clothes I (as Dad would say) hauled home with me... with the pretense that I would need every single article.... and it took me quite literally all night. Thereafter, I chose my outfit for my first day! and packed my backpack.

Mr. Happiness makes fun of me for getting my stuff ready, he apparently doesn't have the issue of getting lost in his closet in the morning when trying to figure out what to wear!!

First Week of School!! Again.

The first week went at a snail-like pace... All 8 o'clock and 9 o'clock classes. What was I thinking! Except I finish very early in the day and have hours to do whatever I want minus sleeep. I don't like to nap, well I would love napping if I could fall asleep but I mostly think about what I should be doing and how I am wasting the day so actually getting some zz's is next to impossible.

I finally went out and faced the cold Thursday night! We had a "turn it blue" mixer for the baseketball game!! It was a good night, minus the idiot who fell on me and spilt his cup on my head and outfit... hmm.. and then walked away... sad to say i really don't think he noticed he was that far gone.

Mr. Happiness came over last night!!! I was so happy to see him! Even though his hair made him look homeless...!! Earlier in the night I attacked him with a hairbrush. He wasn't very happy. I must have made him a little self concious because he kept asking my friends what they thought!! Two out of three liked it!!! :0! They called it HOBOchic...

The night ended with too many people in my friends room, a "bigass" Gumby's order AHH Pepperoni Rolls :D! And Freaky Girl.



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