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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New baby sister (and brother keep your fingers crossed!!)

My parents have finally caved! We are getting a puppy!!!

After our sweet Cleo (Cleopatra Denile Odom!-- I picked out the name!!) passed away in January my heartbroken family said "no more dogs" but there are just some hurts that can only be filled with love... in the form of a new puppy or DOS!! We are getting a golden-doodle. It is a mix between a poodle and a golden retriever! We are getting a girl, we will probably name her Finley. (which I picked out!!!) ... I like Flossy though, from Fergie's song glamorous "the flossy flossy..." haha I thought we could put some ice on her collar!! But Finley is OK too, I'll just call her Flossy on my own!
Here she is!!!

isn't she just precious?

we may get a boy as well. Which my sisters and I are really pulling for, and my Daddy want two also! We would name him AJ- Arthur Junior (after Dadalous) or Charlie (again after Dadalous)!

here he is:  adorable, yes?

Well, keep your fingers crossed!!!

I have to go study for my Physiology test on Friday! Pray for an A!!! :)

Love Love!

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